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Joe Renouf is an editor by day and a hobby writer by night. His interests include movies, particularly epics, science fiction, horror, and silent films; classical music, especially the romantics (Schubert and Scriabin are his two favorites); and billiards and bowling.

He started The Critic’s Loft to write about one of his passions: films and their relative aesthetic importance. His critical credo can best be described as that of a moderate rationalist who believes that the evaluation of an artistic product has both a subjective and an objective component. Logical fallacies irk him, particularly the ubiquitous assumption that what the majority thinks matters (the bandwagon fallacy) or that reviewers need to “be in touch with their audiences,” erroneous viewpoints that he sometimes sees even professional critics espouse. He is known to respond to such assertions by quoting Plato’s hortation to Crito: “Let us only do what the majority thinks if what the majority thinks is right.”

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  1. Not so much a comment but a question. I sent an email to an old hotmail address. I don’t know if it’s still used. Here was the text:

    I saw your review on Chopin Preludes Ohlsson’s recording and I somewhat agree with you. As a newbie to Chopin, whose recording would you recommend?

    Specifically among these:

    Argerich (known to be brilliant but perhaps too original and loses some of Chopin)
    Any other recommendation?

    (I already know that you prefer some of the classic pianists but I am asking about these 4 in particular.



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