Feb 052013
The Grey (2011): Dear God, Why Hast Thou Left Me to the Wolves!

The best I can say for The Grey is that it’s appropriately titled, for it’s as drab and predictable as visible breath on a wintry morn. Evidently, its director, Joe Carnahan, thought he’d try to raise this clichéd man-versus-nature tale a notch or two on the intelligence scale by infusing it with fireside-chat philosophizing about the existence of God and pseudo-heartwarming reminiscing on estrangement from loved ones and the comforts of civilization. In that way, it might have even greater appeal for the teenie-boppers at heart who want to convince themselves that the film is making much of a point beyond exciting in the viewer the chill-and-thrill sensation of not knowing when blood-dripping wolf jaws will lunge out from the omnipresent gloom of the Alaskan hibernal wilderness.

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